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Same Day Funding It's What We Do

A simple Application & Review of statements is all it takes to get you funded, same day, everyday.

How It Works

A simple Application & Review of statements is all it takes to get you funded.

Easy Application

Get started by filling out our application online or feel free to contact us. We have humans too.

Fast Decision

Our underwriters typically render a decision within 3 hours of submission

Same Day Funding

When you are approved, funding is 1 click away. We know your time is money, putting your capital at work should be your only worry.

Why Use Blade Funding

Since our inception, Blade Funding has made it our mission to provide a better funding experience for small-market to mid-market businesses. We understand that traditional capital sources have made it unreasonably difficult for companies to get the capital needed to remain competitive and vibrant in our modern economy. Therefore, we have sought to offer customized opportunities to help your business evolve. We accomplish this by working closely with clients to look past just numbers and understand the bigger picture.

At Blade Funding, we pride ourselves on being direct funders. We work with brokers like you to connect with businesses, with no other financing company or intermediary involved. This, and our resolve to always do what’s best for our clients, enables us to shorten our response time and close deals quickly and efficiently.
It’s a pleasure to work with you, and we try to make that mutual. That’s why, unlike many other funding resources, we require minimal stipulations and offer competitive commission rates. Commissions go out the same day because we value our ISO relationships.

We believe in a win-win partnership and will be there for you when you need us. Call now and talk to us for an honest, straight-talk review of our funding procedures.

What People are Saying

My business wouldn’t be where it is today without Blade Funding. After a few years of successful business, I hit a rough spot. Blade helped me keep my head above water while I took the time to improve my business. I can’t thank them enough for all their hard work. Great team!
Mary Scott
No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t get a small business loan. I had almost given up on growing my business when I found Blade Funding. Within days I had the funds I needed to make repairs and renovate for future success.
John Borthwick
Blade Funding has been a great resource for my company. The turnaround time on the funding is quick and streamlined and the customer service has been great
Jane Bill
It was really easy to apply and get the funding which was wonderful because in this type of business, timing is everything.
David Anderson


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